Dillon Cameron Archer

dillonarcherDillon Cameron Archer is the child of Dwayne and Evelyn Archer.  He is a 12th grade student at Bishop Michael Eldon School (BMES) in Grand Bahama.

With the guidance of faculty and peers, Dillon recently established BMES’ student council, where he serves as president.  A member of BMES’ Mousetrap team since ninth grade, his team has won the local SECME mousetrap competition in Grand Bahama both as juniors and seniors and travelled to Alabama and Tennessee, USA to compete where they placed second each time.  He also served as a team leader for the vex robotics programme at BMES.

An accomplished student, he currently has eight B.G.C.S.E’s where he obtained ‘A’ grades in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Combined Science and ‘B’ grades in Religious Studies, Spanish, Chemistry, and Language.  He is also a pianist, having studied at the Allegro school of music, and has performed for live audiences on multiple occasions.

He has two brothers, Domonic and Duston, and one sister, Dara.