William Moss

William Moss is an eleventh grader at Bishop Michael Eldon School. Currently ranked valedictorian, William has maintained a 97.1 grade point average for this school year. In 9th grade, he sat BGCSE Music and Math, both of which he passed with an A. Additionally, he took the SAT Math 1 in tenth grade and the general SAT examination in December 2018, where he received a score of 710 and 1390 respectively.

William is currently the leader of the District Team for SECME Vex Robotics, member of the SECME Senior Mousetrap team, leader of the B.M.E.S Chess Club, member of the B.M.E.S Debate Club, Vice-President of Student Christian Movement, and Head of Biodiversity for the B.M.E.S Eco – School Committee.

He has received several awards, including the Ministry of Youth “Youth of the Year” Award, and trophies for winning national SECME and international chess competitions.  An avid pianist and composer, William has completed seven of the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music (ABRSM) exams in Piano Performance and Music Theory.

William aspires to pursue a degree in Computer Science, with the eventual goal of becoming a software developer, with a specialization in interactive programming and game development.